Teacher Training Module

Trained Teachers @ Holy Child Preparatory School

The quality of human resources of any nation depends on the quality of education of that country. This is why advanced countries such as Finland,America, Canada and the United Kingdom invests heavily in the educational sector. At the centre of any educational program is the teacher.   The National Policy of Education ( 2004) highlights the vital role teachers play in a nation when it declares that “No nation can rise above the quality of its teachers”. If teachers must excel in the classroom,then teacher training and re-training in areas such as knowledge of subject matter, knowledge of modern teaching techniques, knowledge of how to relate with children,to mention three, are crucial. For as Enem has rightly pointed out: “Teacher Education is not a one – shot affair that terminates with a completion of a formal program of study and the award of a certificate…”   Holy Child Preparatory School: In the light of this background, and in view of our wealth of experience in the educational terrain,we offer trainings to teachers for state and private organisations.